Under the leadership of Mr. Ashok Kumar, Managing Director Rai Estates and Builders Pvt Ltd Rai Estates Educational and Charitable Trust registered in the year 2013. Our trust recognize that our social, environmental and moral conduct has an important impact on the society.We, therefore, take our social responsibilities seriously and are committed to helping the needy.
In this globalised world we live with many challenges and opportunities. It is education that endows in us courage and vision to explore limitless possibilities. Since its inception in 2013, Rai Educational and Charitable Trust (R) has continued to direct efforts on a sustainable basis in an attempt to tackle the many socioeconomic problems that face us – the route taken is through education.
Over the many years we have donated in charitable gifts to organizations and temples. The diverse mix of recipients of Rai Estates donations include Scholarship to poor and meritorious students, Financial aid to Polio affected girls,helping hand to tragedy affected families, cultural, medical care, social and religious support . gious and emergency relief organizations.


Every relationship we have is built on trust. Every day we are aware of our core values, and the ethical principles that we abide by.


We practice within our abilities and strive to develop and gain knowledge and skills that we can apply in practice.


Social workers elevate service to others above self-interest. We help people in need and address social problems. We volunteer major portion of our professional skills with no expectation of financial return.